Sculpting a Stylized Character


Sculpting a Stylized Character

3 Hours of in depth, easy-to-follow traditional sculpting instruction on how to sculpt a stylized character in oil based clay with sculptor Chris Vierra.

Topics covered

  • Building an armature
  • Making tools as well as tips & techniques for using them
  • How to make a clay oven
  • Tips & techniques for working with the material
  • Primary form
  • Secondary form
  • Essential facial anatomy
  • Veins
  • Using brushes & solvents
  • Helpful techniques on viewing the sculpt with a fresh eye in order to spot errors & overcome them
  • Making changes
  • Integrating mixed media into a sculpture
  • Clothing wrinkles
  • Final detailing & texturing including skin folds & wrinkles,pores, tongue, & clothing
  • Sculpting irises, pupils, & catchlights

Not just another anatomy lesson.

A useful approach to sculpting for every skill level; beginner to professional.

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Sculpting a Stylized Character

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