How to Carve a 3D Pumpkin Full Length Tutorial

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How to Carve a 3D Pumpkin Full Length Tutorial


Sculpture_Geek presents: How to Carve a 3D Pumpkin.

Learn the techniques to create fun, highly detailed pumpkin carvings. Follow along with master sculptor Chris Vierra while he breaks down, in great detail, how to achieve a successful 3D pumpkin carving. Learn how to replace eyes with other fruits and vegetables to add color to your carving. 

Topics covered in this tutorial:

  • Choosing the right pumpkin
  • Blocking out a face
  • Adding a Nose
  • Adding a Chin
  • Carving irises, pupils, and catchlights
  • Adding catchlights separately
  • Creating new eyes from other fruits and vegetables to 
  • Carving in shadows to create depth
  • Creating bone structure and soft organic forms
  • Smoothing and refining
  • Detailing/texturing
  • Tool spotlight
  • Modifying/customizing tools
  • Storing the pumpkin to extend the life of the carving
  • Hi Resolution Photo gallery to examine key areas up close

Run time approx: 1:53.00

I want this!
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